Huh. I’m a hipster.

Just had a realisation. When it comes to tech, I’m something of a hipster. I can legitimately say things like “I had a smartphone before they were cool” and “I had a smart watch before they were cool”.

Probably because I saw something about an Apple Watch again, and was just kinda going “I’ve had a smart watch for two years”. We had a conversation at work about it and everyone was going on about what it could do and I was going “I’ve had a watch that could do that for two years with a better battery life”.

As I said above, I’ve legitimately had a smartphone since before they were cool as well. Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007. I had a Lobster 700TV in 2006 the best weight loss supplement. A phone with Windows Mobile on it, that let me watch TV and listen to digital radio wherever I happened to be.

Now kinda wondering what the next trend I’ll get into before Apple does.

3 thoughts on “Huh. I’m a hipster.

  1. Was speaking to someone yesterday of supposedly technical background when I needed to check the time. Let’s say I was unimpressed when they went “Oh wow, is that an Apple Watch?” and had never heard of any other smartwatches.

    1. Yeah, they’re only coming into real popularity now that Apple’s got into the market and Apple is starting to ban apps that say they have support for the Pebble as well. Never mind that they charge twice the price for an inferior product…

    2. I’m betting that if Pebble had created the Apple Watch, they’d have tested it with something who had a tattooed arm for whether the heartbeat sensor worked.

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