I first registered drunkoncaffeine.com in the Winter of 2005 during my second year at university. Well, actually I registered drunkoncaffiene.com before someone pointed out the spelling mistake and I registered the correct one moments later. The reason I did so was that my friends and I were in the middle of a coding spree in the last week of term, having completely failed to write our projects beforehand, so we were all writing 10-week projects in the space of 4 days amidst our exams. There was a lot of caffeine involved, and at one point I said the phrase “I think I’m drunk on caffeine” and hence the domain name was born.

It’s played host to a number of sites over the year – largely blogs that have been aborted after a short time. The first iteration of the site used an image by photographer Steve Bauzen entitled “Red Bull” with his permission which has remained the classic hallmark of the domain, but this time I might go for something a bit different.

Oh, I suppose you might want to know something about who I am, as opposed to what the domain is all about. My name’s Yoda – it’s a nickname that’s stuck since first year (real name is David Odie), and I’m a web and Android developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I hail from Shetland originally, and I got my honours degree in Computer Science from Heriot-Watt University. I’ve been to France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia and Spain – in roughly that order (someday I might cross the Atlantic).

In my spare time, I play in the Isles of Darkness, a World of Darkness theatre LARP, role-play, play board games and run a field LARP based in the Warhammer 40,000 universe called No Rest for the Wicked.

My favourite colour is blue, but I mainly wear black – I favour dark shades over bright ones. I cannot resist rum and raisin ice cream (I blame my Cornish mother for that). I like to listen to metal for the most part, but also some oddities like Once More with Feeling (Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode) and the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack. I’m not even going to get into favourite books (there are far too many) but Dan Abnett and Brandon Sanderson are legends. TV-wise, it’s an oddball mix of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy – Joss Whedon features predominantly.

What else is there? I have long hair because I kinda like it, girls seem to like it, and it’s cheaper and easier than cutting it. I’m told I have eyes you could gaze into for hours, but I’ll let you make your own judgement on that. I may include a picture at some point but I don’t like photos that I take of myself, and I don’t have many recent ones by other people. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a bit of a geek.

This blog will feature posts about my depression. I was diagnosed with severe depression in 2010, but I’ve probably been suffering for much longer. I go through stages of being able to cope with it – sometimes aided by citalopram. It will also feature posts about the LARP I run (No Rest for the Wicked), and whatever else strikes my fancy.

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