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New routine

Dragged myself out of bed to start my new morning routine this morning. So far so good. Well, apart from the bit where one of my bungee cords came loose, got dragged through the gearing before jamming it up. Took five minutes for me to fish all the bits out of the gearing before I could get going again.

So, the routine, such as it is, is this:

  1. Get up early
  2. Go to gym to do workout
  3. Tram back to Murrayfield
  4. Walk back to flat
  5. Get bike
  6. Cycle to work

Strava tells me[1] it only took me 17 minutes to cycle to work even with having to untangle a bungee cord from my gears (13 minutes moving, 17 minutes total), so with that, the walk from tram to flat (9 minutes), and the workout (45 minutes, including 5 on cycle machine, 15 on elliptical, and 6 different weight machines), I’m well over an hour of activity even before my ride home again.

I’m also pretty happy with the commute time as it’s been taking me 17 minutes to get to work the last few times due to a wicked headwind pushing me back. That my morning commute moving time is about what my evening commute time usually is makes me happier. Also turns out that I got my personal record on getting up the hill on the way in even despite breaking down just before the hill really kicks in.

Feeling good about it, but a little drained of energy.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. I’ve started using Strava to record my bike journeys – it’s a pretty decent app