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You know, when a company leaves a message on your blog asking you to contact them after you wrote an article about their product, you kinda expect it to be about them possibly providing free samples or something so you can try it out, not a complaint about an apparent issue with being linked to too many times.

Soylent Green is People

So I heard about Soylent last year, and it’s been coming to mind again because I was reading someone’s blog about their trying it. And that made me go look into it again.

Soylent is still not available outside of North America, but there are alternatives available over here like Joylent (www.joylent.eu[1]). I’m looking at this, and asking myself whether €5 a day is more or less than I spend at the moment. I think it’s more – quite a bit more if I was actually cooking properly for myself more. So why am I still considering it?

Is it because I’d probably be eating healthier that way, that I’d be eating less junk food? That maybe if I switched to Joylent, I’d also cut out soft drinks, and cut a load of sugar out of my diet at the same time?

So I’m considering it. And I’m unsure. But I’m thinking about it.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. they’ve asked me to remove the link due to apparent robot issues