What I’m working on

I’m working on a number of projects at the moment, mostly centred around No Rest for the Wicked (big surprise there). So this is just kind of a brief run down of things I’m doing at the moment.

NRftW Downtime & Character System

This one’s been stalled a while due to not having a decent system on which to code. It’s really exhausting trying to work on a complex system with nothing but a web-based file editor. Now that I’ve got my new system, I’ll be getting started on finishing the system. Things that still need done on it are:

  • Character system finished
    • Character points calculator
    • Dynamic pages
    • XP spends calculator
  • Downtime system finished
    • support for multiple character XP spends (may integrate into character system)
    • linked to endeavours system
  • Endeavours system
    • private and public endeavours capability
    • view access for endeavours
  • Groups system
    • ability to add characters to groups
    • access to private endeavours
    • potentially ability to view who in your group has submitted downtimes
  • Booking system
    • booking system integrated into downtime system
    • integrated PayPal cart
      • supporting purchases for multiple players
    • tied to downtime system
      • prevents downtime submission if outstanding payments

I’d also like to get it linked to the forum logins for a unified login system, but I’ll need to figure out how to access the phpBB login protocols for that.

NRftW Rules Changes and Updates

This is a collaborative project between me and the other storytellers, but I can give a brief run-down of what we’re up to.

  • Archetypes
    • Reworking talents to fit previous rules changes
    • Filling empty upgrade slots
    • Revising Advanced talents across the board
    • Re-balancing archetypes
  • Skills
    • Updating skills to account for a skill cap (including equipment/talents) of 8
    • Adding in the Heavy Weapons & Demolitions skill
    • Reworking the piloting system
    • Clarifying Stealth/Awareness
  • Combat rules
    • Adding/updating explosives and heavy weapons
    • Updating automatic fire rules
    • Revising contradictory call descriptors
  • Trade system
    • Manufacturing and production system implemented
    • Market fluctuation system
  • Units
    • Potential revising of unit strengths/abilities
    • Potential revising of unit use rules


NRftW Vox Populi

Again, a collaborative project – organising event 4 – Vox Populi.

  • Plot bible
    • Background and disposition of enemy forces
    • Background and disposition of allied forces
    • Background of planet and war
  • Encounters
  • Prop Planning & Creation


NERF Customisation

This is mostly for me and a few others. I have a small pile of weaponry to work on customising.

  • Myself
    • Two Thunderstorms for conversion into hand flamers
    • One off-brand water pistol for conversion into xenos flamer
    • Five Speedloads for general conversion
    • One Strongarm for general conversion
    • One Barricade for general conversion
    • Three Rayvens for general conversion
    • One Vigilon for general conversion
    • Two Speedswarms for general conversion
    • One Havok Fire for general conversion
  • Rob/Sarah
    • One Stryfe for conversion
    • One Praxis for conversion
    • One Barricade for conversion
  • Craig
    • One Proton for conversion into shuriken pistol
  • Adam
    • One Stampede for general conversion
  • No Rest for the Wicked
    • Some Stampedes for conversion

I need to get the rest of the guns out of Andy’s basement so I can work on them, but I should do some of the ones I’ve got before I do that.



I’ve got Drunk on Caffeine up and running again, but I want to get some of my other sites done as well. I still have my portfolio site to finish (never did get past the front page) and I’m pondering a re-design of No Rest for the Wicked, but I’m unsure about that.