Looking for book recommendations

Looking for book recommendations. I’ve just finished listening to Nexus by Ramez Naam, before that was Off to be the Wizard by Scott Meyer, before that Strata by Terry Pratchett, before that Firefight by Brandon Sanderson, before that Armada by Ernst Cline, and before that Dune by Frank Herbert.

Specially looking for audio books as I listen to them while cycling to work and exercising in the gym.

On the subject of audio books I’ve gone from loathing audio books to listening to then voraciously. A change in times and an extra fifteen years will do that to you, I suppose. Probably helped that I’ve been listening to excellent readers, but I do still find my concentration slips away from the book pretty easily sometimes. On the other hand, I’ve found myself just as enthralled listening to an audio book as I have with paper copies, so it does vary.

I should post more book reviews, really; get down my thoughts on some of the many books I devour throughout the year.

One thought on “Looking for book recommendations

  1. I’m in the process of re”reading” the Sprawl trilogy by William Gibson (almost entirely listened to Count Zero and listening my way through Mona Lisa Overdrive now) and they’re *better* than the last time I read them. (I was very young and stupid then, though, so YMMV.) Not sure how much they’re to your taste, but they’re doing a glorious metaplot thing I absolutely love and I want more of.

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