#rpgaday2015 day 19 – favourite supers RPG

This one’s quite simple: I don’t have one. I’ve never really played or looked at playing a supers RPG. I hear there are good systems, but I’ve never played any.

The closest I’ve come is an online game run by Gordon where we were playing various X-Men as a playtest for a system he was working on.

I’ve been thinking about this one, because it’s basically the one I have the least to say anything on, and what hit me as I was listening to Firefight (the second Reckoners book by Brandon Sanderson) was that I might not have played any, but there was one I wanted to play – a Reckoners RPG.

In the Reckoners universe, supers (known as Epics) are corrupted by their powers and go mad with their use. It’s an addiction cycle – having powers makes you want to use them, using them makes you corrupt, being corrupt means you have less hang-ups about using them. The Reckoners are a team of normal people dedicated to taking Epics down by discovering their weaknesses (something that prevents them using their powers) and killing them. That’s a universe I’d really like to play a game in.

Also of Brandon Sanderson note, and a form of supers, would be a Mistborn game. I’ve got a copy of the Mistborn RPG (haven’t read it), and I think that’d be an interesting game as well – but the idea of fighting Epics appeals more. I think it comes down to game preference in a way – I prefer playing modern games, but enjoy reading fantasy books as much as if not more than books with modern settings.

With this post, I’m now caught up with the #rpgaday posts and can see about keeping the schedule for the remaining twelve days.

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