#rpgaday2015 day 14 – favourite RPG accessory

Apparently today I am to talk about my favourite RPG accessory. Being the sort of person I am, I think I might say “dice”. They’re pretty, come in different styles, can be customised, and are collectible in their own way.

I have collected some other things over the years which are also useful though.

  • FATE Tokens. Haven’t had cause to use them yet, but they’re really pretty
  • Combat Description Cards. Really looking forward to using these – there are different decks depending on the type of damage you’re doing, and you get descriptor hints to help you describe your actions.
  • NPC Cards. NPC generation quickly.
  • Smartphone. Between apps to take notes, roll dice, keep characters on, and the general utility of being able to have 100 rulebooks in your pocket, it’s a really useful thing to have (assuming you can keep yourself from checking Facebook)