I want my hoverboard

Lexus have been releasing a number of videos about their hoverboard, and I’m saddened to say it’s a fake. Kind of.

It actually works; the science is solid and it does hover and take a passenger when it does – the videos are not faked, the board is actually hovering and bearing a passenger without wires. However, it’s not the hoverboard people want.

The Lexus hoverboard only works on a set track of permanent magnets. It’s basically a maglev system for personal users. The skatepark they set up is actually just a shell over a track of magnets they laid down, and they freely admit that – they even show you it being built and how it all works.

They’re not even original in the concept. Google X Labs already devised and abandoned a mag-lev hoverboard. Any requirement to embed magnets everywhere isn’t going to be practical for general use, is it? If we’re restricted to doing the same tracks at hover-parks, it’ll remain a novelty – a carnival ride rather than a thing of the masses.

It’s 2015 and I want my hoverboard.