All the way back in 2012, I backed a game on Kickstarter called Godus. Coming from people who made games like Black & White, I was pretty sure I’d get an addictive god game. I feel I was right.

I’ve been playing it on and off since I got access to the beta, but this weekend was the first time I’ve played it for a long stint. I finally got my civ producing and got out of the tutorial area and into the next world.

Damn, it’s exhausting being a god. I tend to find that you’re either in a position of running around desperately collecting resources, or you’re practically running on unlimited resources until the next crisis hits. The latter part is when you can engage in proper world-sculpting (literally) as you can afford to spend 100,000 Belief destroying a mountain to get at the ancient temples buried beneath it.

Not that I did that. Twice.

My annoyances with the game mostly come from the fact that it’s still in beta, so it’s buggy. The game would just freeze and crash on me occasionally, but the in-built auto-save (the only way to save) is fairly good at meaning you don’t lose much. The other big thing that was annoying is actually your followers. Being stupid at heart, they would continually follow wrong routes or get stuck in places they shouldn’t be – often because the path was a micron too small so they couldn’t get through – but if it looks wide enough, how are you supposed to tell that?

Overall though, it’s an engaging game that does require some elements of strategy and planning (who knew you had to plan out your community set-up? I’d recommend it to people interested in that type of game – though you might want to wait until it’s out of beta…

[[This post originally intended to be posted on March 30, but it got stuck in drafts and is being posted two weeks on. I’ve managed to stay away from it over the last two weeks – mostly because of LARPing]]