[YouTube] TomSka

YouTuber TomSka is one of my favourite comedic artists on YouTube. He’s been making sketches for a while[1] and his talent has greatly improved in that time.

He has a solid grasp on professional editing and what makes his sketches pop rather than languish, and I’m not the only one to pick up on his talent – he was recently featured on ComedyCentral.co.uk, and has also done videos for the BBC, Cancer Research UK, and more.

His sketches introduced me to other comedic talent on YouTube including Jack And Dean, Crabstickz, Tim H, and more. As with several other successful YouTubers, collaborations are common, and he’s been involved in few collaborations with what I think of as the RocketJump crowd (Freddie Wong and friends).

If you haven’t seen any of TomSka’s sketches, there’s a few here I’d highly recommend:

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. 7 years or so