Kingsman – The Secret Service

I’ve been to see this twice now, and I can still say that I love it. Especially with some of the callbacks to the original comic in there[1].

The gadgets are awesome, the slowed-down epic combat scenes worked brilliantly, and I loved the “Manners, Maketh, Man” scenes.

Was it fantastic in its portrayal of female characters? Not hugely. Was it a send-up of the classic spy movie? Yes, yes it was. The fact that they had a female agent candidate who not only had no romantic interest in the protagonist, but passed the training where the male protagonist didn’t was a firm point against a male bias (even though I freely admit the film had a male bias, as the original comics likely did).

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. the role Mark Hamill was playing was called Mark Hamill in the comics