Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth

Not really a film, but I saw it in the cinema (a while ago), so it’s like a film. Me and Sarah saw a live broadcast of the performance at the Manchester International Festival from the comfort of our local Cineworld.

Though having seen it, being there might be worth the trek to Manchester. It’s in a converted (and de-consecrated) church, with stalls for the audience running down the length of the church with gaps for the performers. Backstage for this performance is more “behind-the-audience” for the most part, it seems. The central floor is mud and earth and the performance began with rain pouring down over the combatants as they fought in the mud for the glory of Scotland.

The witches were a stunning performance, and I especially liked the demon ritual they did – have to use that for something else.  Ray Fearon’s performance as Macduff stole the show, and you really felt the emotion pouring from him in his soliloquy.

It was a breathtaking performance, full of energy and tension. I heartily recommend anyone see if they get the opportunity. It’s still being screened in some cinemas.