The Secret World

Started playing The Secret World last night. It’s been a while since I played an MMO. I think it might be safe to say I’m hooked.

I’m playing as part of the Illuminati (sex, drugs and Rockefeller) as a chaos mage. As other people have commented – it really is like an Awakening, more to the point, a Seer of the Throne awakening*. I’m still going through the starting stuff, but I’ve found that it’s not particularly “grindy”, nor is it particularly repetitive. I’ve been on a few fetch quests, and a few “go here and do this” quests, but those were the side-quests,  not the main quest. I like how when you complete a quest, you send a report back to base and you quite often get snippy little responses back about how while you’re off mission, at least you’re not wasting your time.

Discovering my limits is tricky. I can usually handle half a dozen zombies without a problem, but sometimes a couple more is enough to take me down. And the big feckers… well, I can take one of them down solo – shame I keep attracting them in threes…

If anyone wants to get in touch, I’m playing as Valcyn on the Arcadia server.



*Mage: the Awakening references, for reference